On the Mat + In Life: An Intro to Stråla Yoga by Rae Broderick

Something has to give when healing practices are harmful, when forcing + pushing into preconceived notions of postures becomes the mark of an advanced practitioner or human. What gives is your health. This mode of movement + being isn’t sustainable. What is sustainable is a system of movement that focuses on inner, as opposed to outer, alignment, that encourages slowing down, softening, feeling + doing what feels good for you in the moment. Ultimately, there shouldn’t be a distinction between how we are on our mat + how we are in our life. Stråla Yoga, through Tai Chi + Natural Movement principles, helps people drop stress + tension, move more easefully through simple + challenging circumstances alike + live more happily + healthfully.

How we do one thing is how we do everything.

Join Rae for an exploratory afternoon of softness, ease + moving from your middle on
Saturday, September 29 from 2PM-4:30PM at the Maxwell Studio.